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Collect relevant data, interpret it accurately, and present this information in easily consumable packages to the people who can make the most difference. That's the vision I had that led to the founding of WCA. Having worked a half dozen campaigns for candidates and causes at the grassroots level while also continuing my education through a doctoral degree, I

Bobby Winsler, President
At a Glance
  • UF Doctoral Candidate. Ph.D. Mass Comm (grad: Summer 2018)
  • Issue-based advocacy non-profit, candidate campaign, and government state agency experience
  • Adjunct instructor at the University of Tampa

saw disconnect between what happens in theory and practice. Bad research methods from poorly worded questions to improper reading of results led to detrimental outcomes both for elected officials governing and candidates campaigning. Business leaders in local communities were spending tens of thousands of dollars on billboard, direct mail, digital, and television marketing without any evaluation of its effectiveness.


Winsler Consulting's mission is to provide excellence in research and analysis to advise private businesses and public affairs in Florida's communities. How can we help you amplify your voice?

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